Straight Pure Copper Pipe

//Straight Pure Copper Pipe
  • straight pure copper pipe

Straight Pure Copper Pipe
Material: C1220,C12000,C10200,T1,T2,T3,TP2,TU1,TU2,TU3,H62,H65,H70
Shape: Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval, half-round
OD: 1/8(3.18mm), 3/16(4.76mm), 1/4(6.35mm),5/16(7.94mm),3/8(9.52mm) , 1/2(12.7mm),5/8(15.88mm),3/4(19.05mm),7/8(22.22mm)
Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa): 205-245
Elongation (≥ %): 40
Packing: Individually sealed bylastic bags or heat shrinkable packaging,wooden pallet or carton box of 3-20 coils
Straight Pure Copper Pipe Application: Air conditioning or Refrigerator, Installation of Air Conditioner,Construction Water and Gas.
Copper pipe is easy to install and connect, which can save material and total cost. It has good stability and reliability, and also saves maintenance costs.
Copper pipe is portable, the same diameter of twisted threaded pipe, copper pipe does not need the thickness of ferrous metal, when installed, the transportation cost of copper pipe is smaller, maintenance is easier, occupy less space.
Copper can change shape. It can often be made into elbows and joints. Smooth bending allows copper tubes to bend at any angle.
Copper pipe is easy to connect, safe, non-leakage, non-combustion, no toxic gas, corrosion resistance.

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