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Square Brass Hollow Tube, Welding Brass Tube, Admiralty Brass Square Tubes, Leaded Brass Tube Brass Capillary Pipes & Tubes, C27400 C27450 Capillary Straight Copper Pipe, hollow brass capillary tube China factory

Square Brass Hollow Tube, Welding Hexagon Brass Tube, Admiralty Brass Hexagon Tubes, Leaded Brass Tube

Admiralty Brass Square Tubes Applications :
Industrial Evaporator Tubing
Heat Exchanger Tubing
Condenser Tube Plates
Distiller Tubes
Oil Well Pump Liner
Bourdon Tubes
Condenser Tubes

Equivelent Specifications of  Welding Hexagon Brass Tube
ISO CuZn28Sn1
Europen CuZn28Sn1As
BS CZ 111
JIS C 4430
Russian L62-1

Chemical Composition:
As Cu Fe Pb Sn Zn
Min/Max 0.02 – 0.06 70.0 – 73.0 0.06 0.07 0.8 – 1.2 Rem
Nominals 0.0400 71.0000 – – 1.0000 28.0000

Fabrication Properties
Joining Technique Suitability
Brazing Excellent
Butt Weld Good
Capacity for Being Cold Worked Excellent
Capacity for Being Hot Formed Fair
Coated Metal Arc Welding Not Recommended
Gas Sheilded Arc Welding Fair
Machinability rating 30
Oxyacetylene Welding Good
Seam Weld Not Recommended
Soldering Excellent
Spot Weld Good

Specifications of  Welding Hexagon Brass Tube
End Product Specification
Plate, Clad ASTM B432
Plate, Condenser Tube ASME SB171, ASTM B171
Tube ASTM B135
Tube, Condenser ASME SB111, ASTM B111
Tube, Finned ASME SB359, ASTM B359
Tube, U-Bend ASME SB395, ASTM B395
Tube, Welded ASME SB543, ASTM B543

Physical Properties
Product Property US Customary Metric
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 11.2 ·10-6 per oF (68-572 F) 20.2 · 10 6? per °C (20-300 C)
Density 0.308 lb/in3 @ 68 F 8.53 gm/cm3 @ 20 C
Electrical Conductivity 25 %IACS @ 68 F 0.146 MegaSiemens/cm @ 20 C
Electrical Resistivity 41.5 ohms-cmil/ft @ 68 F 6.9 microhm-cm @ 20 C
Melting Point Liquid US 1720 F 938 C
Melting Point Solid US 1650 F 899 C
Modulas of Elasticity in Tension 16000 ksi 110000 MPa
Modulas of Rigidity 6000 ksi 41370 MPa
Specific Gravity 8.53 8.53
Specific Heat Capacity 0.09 Btu/lb/°F @ 68 F 377.1 J/kg · °K at 293 K
Thermal Conductivity 64.0 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2 ·°F) @ 68 F 110.8 W/m · °K at 20 C

Sizes Available Welding Hexagon Brass Tube
HOLLOW RODS Min Bore Size 20 mm and Max OD 100 mm
ROUND RODS 6mm To 130 mm
HEX 5mm To 60mm
SQUARE 4mm To 60mm
FLAT 5mm Min Thickness and max Width 120mm
PROFILES / SECTIONS AS per Customer Drawing
BILLETS Up to 200mm
INGOTS AS per Specification

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