Seamless Inner Grooved Copper Pipes for Air Conditioner

//Seamless Inner Grooved Copper Pipes for Air Conditioner
  • Seamless Inner Grooved Copper Pipes for Air Conditioner

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DOWEDO BRASS metal is a leader in Seamless Inner Grooved Copper Pipes for Air Conditioner manufacturing with various worldwide applications.
We pride ourselves in excellent quality products with competitive pricing and prompt delivery.
Our group of competent engineers develops and improves our products using specially design and
advanced equipment to meet the special needs to our clients. With a strong sales team, our marketing member easily serves our customers anywhere.

Specifications of Inner Grooved Copper Pipe:
1) OD: 6.35mm – 219mm
2) WT: 0.4mm-5mm
3) Grade: C11000 C12200
4) Chemical Composition:Cu >99.90% P:0.015%-0.040%
5) Temper: O, 1/4H, 1/2H, H
O : HV<70; 1/4H :HV 65-85; 1/2H :HV 80-100; H :HV >100
6) Electric 20°CConductivity:C1100 >97% ;C12200 >80%

Advantage of Inner grooved copper pipe:
1.High cleanliness and super brightness of inner and outer surface
2.Homogeneous and compact structure
3.High dimensional precision
4.High heat-exchange efficiency
5.Easy welding
6.Corrosion resistance
7.Easy to use and good formability.

Features for Copper tube:
It is extruded and well processed: joined by welding. Copper tube is harder than the plastic tube and has higher strength than other metal tubes, with the best flexibility.
1) Superior elongation
2) Good corrosion-resistance
3) Climate-hardiness
4) Electric
5) Heat conduction.

Process of the Copper tube:

seamless copper pipe for air conditioner
1.Widely for air conditioner,refrigerator
3.ASTMB280 C12200

seamless copper pipe for air conditioner
Various types of dental patterns is produced to meet different customers’ need. It is of high-precision and efficiency. Compared with a plain copper tube, its heat transfer coefficient can be 2.5-4 times as that of it.
Air cinditioners, combinations type air conditioning units, central air conditioners, display cabinets, etec.
Standards applied: GB; ASTM; JIS
Range of Outer Diameters: 5.00mm-15.88mm
Range of Bottom Wall Thickness: 0.20mm-0.52mm
Range of Addendum Height: 0.14mm-0.30mm

  • Affordable price
  • Customized design is Available
  • T/T, L/C or other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Range

Product NameGradeOut Diameter ThicknessProduct NameGradeOut Diameter Thickness
Flat Copper Tube  Hot”C11000, C12200, C21000Width: 10-20mm; Height: 2-4mm0.2-0.7mmStraight Copper TubeC11000 C10200 C12000 C122004-219mm0.35-5.5mm
Copper Clad Aluminum TubeC11000 copper , 3003 aluminum6.35-19.05mm0.5-1.20mmLWC Copper Tube Coil/Pancake coil Hot”C102004-22.23mm0.3-1.5mm
Inner Groove Copper Tube NEW”C10200 C12200 C26800
C27000 etc.
5.0-15.8mm0.35-0.83mmBrass Tube C23000 C24000 C26000 C26200 C27000 C72000 C28000 4-203mm 0.5-3.5mm
Nickel-Copper Tube  Hot”C71500 C7060010-55mm0.5-3mmCopper Tube CoilC11000, C10200, C12200, etc.4-22.23mm0.3-3.5mm
Precision Copper Tube Hot”
C10200 C12200 C26800 C27200 C27000 etc.1.6-5mm0.27- 2.0mm OFHC Copper TubeC11000, C12200, C2100010-40mm1-10mm
ETP Copper TubeC110004-219mm0.35-5.5mmInsulation Copper Pipe Coil Hot”C1220022.35-35mm0.3-1.5mm
Aluminum Clad Copper TubeC110006.35-19.05mm0.5-1.50mmCondenser TubeC44300 C68700 C70600 C7150012-50mm0.8-3mm
Capillary Copper TubeC10200 C12200 C2680 C27200 C27000 etc.≥ 0.3mm≥ 0.1mmOxygen Free Copper TubeC102004-25mm0.27-2.5mm


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