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Refrigerator Filter Copper Strainer, Copper Refrigerator Filter Drier for Refrigeration System, Hvac Refrigeration Parts Copper Drying Filter, Copper Drier Filter, Copper Accumulator, Copper Spun Filter Drier China Supplier

Refrigerator Filter Copper Strainer for Refrigeration System Feature:
Copper filter drier, refrigerator filter drier, copper dryer filter for refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and compressor units.The details are as follows:
1) Copper filter driers (Copper Strainers) for refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners
And compressor units
2) Both ends with plastic caps, big one or little one (white, yellow, red, blue,
Green, different colors available)
3) 5GR, 7GR, 10GR, 12GR, 15GR, 20GR, 25GR, 30GR, 40GR, 50GR
4) Words can be printed on the body of driers
5) Labels are also available for your choice
6) Molecular sieves:XH-9
7) Stop points available on both inlet and outlet or any one
8) Suitable for R134a, R12, Universal type
Copper filter drier (refrigerator filter drier, air conditioner filter drier, HVAC/R parts)
The Copper filter driers (Copper Strainers) for refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and compressor units, we accept the OEM producing according to the samples or drawings.

1.100% molecular sieve
2. Hermetically Sealed
3. Copper shells and end tubes
4. high capacity
5. high moisture removal
6. solid block core
7. used with HCFCs , CFCs and lubricants
8. our copper driers are of high quality and for use with both domestic and commercial refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners,etc
9. designed to offer complete protection to refrigeration systems
10.any further information please contact us .
11.widely used in cooling industry
12.we can make as per customer’s drawing.

Hvac Copper Filter Drier Specification:
refrigeration parts copper accumulator
With almost pure copper,content 99.9% copper for accumulator
Diameter: Can according to customers drawing
Wall thickness:0.5-1.2mm
Water Residual:lessthan10%
Please send me the drawing of the accumulator you need.
If you do not have drawings, please send me the dimensions (wall thickness, inlet diameter (inside), outlet diameter (inside), the whole length), so that we can give our best price to you!
Looking forward to your inquire.
Copper Filter Drier
Application: Refrigerator, freezer, and air conditioning use, compressor units use
Material: Copper
Packing: Carton
the copper muffler be using for showcase, ice machine, refrigerator, freezer, we accept the OEM producing.
The copper muffler be using for refrigeration and air conditioning system. We accept the OEM producing according to drawings or samples.
accumulator ,copper filter,filter drier,filter dryer,drier filter,dry filter,copper drier,copper dryer
1:different sizes availabe
2:copper accumulators(HVAC) for freezers,compressor
Drier and filter apply to refrigerator, freezer that use R12, R22, R134a,
we can supply items according to customer’s drawing and sample.
If any questions,pls contact me freely!

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Product Range

MODELMolecular Sieves
Body diameter
Overall Length
Screen Depth
CF 55 gr168024
CF 77 gr169024
CF10A10 gr1611524
CF 10B10 gr1910026
CF 1212 gr1910526
CF 1313 gr1911026
CF 1515 gr1911526
CF 1818 gr1912826
CF 20A20 gr1914126
CF 20B20 gr2412028
CF 2525 gr2412528
CF 3030 gr2414028
CF 3535 gr2415528
CF 4040 gr2417028
CF 5050 gr2916030