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Nickel Copper Alloy Rods, Chrome Copper Bars, Wholesale Copper Bars Made in China, Copper Cylinder Bars, Customized Copper Rods, Unpolished Brass Copper cylindrical rod and bar, Various Size Solid Rod Copper China Supplier

Item: Nickel Copper Alloy Rods
Material Copper, Brass, Bronze and special copper alloy
Grade ASTM C10100,C11000,C12200,C21000,C22000,C23000,C24000,C26000,
C65500,C67500,C67600,C86300,C90700,C93200,C95400 etc.
HPb66-0.5,HPb62-2,HPb62-3,HPb59-3,HSn70-1,HSn62-1,QSn8-0.3, QSn4-4-4,QAl9-4,QSB-1 etc.
C 1011,C 1100,C 1220,C3604,C 2100,C 2200,C 2300,C 2400, C 2600,C 2700,C 2680,C 2720,C 2800,C 4430,C 4640,C 5210, C 5441, CAC304 etc
Cu-OFE,C 101,Cu-DHP,CZ 125,CZ 101,CZ 102,CZ 103,CZ 106,CZ 107, CZ 108,CZ 109,CZ 123,CZ 124,CZ 121,CZ 111,CZ 133, Pb 104,CS 101, CuSn10P etc.
CuZn5,CuZn10,CuZn15,CuZn20,CuZn30,CuZn35,CuZn33,CuZn36,CuZn37,CuZn40,CuZn40Pb,CuZn37Pb2,CuZn36Pb3,CuZn39Pb3,CuZn28Sn1,CuZn38Sn1,CuSn8,CuSn4Pb4Zn3,CuSi3Mn,CuZn25Al5,CuSn10, CuSn7Zn3Pb7 etc.
Shape Round, Square, Flat, Hexagon, Oval, Half-round or Customized
Dimension Bar/Rod Standard(Diameter 5-160 mm) or Customized
Wire Standard(Diameter 0.02-6 mm) or Customized
Plate/Sheet Standard(T 0.2-50 mm/W 200-3000 mm/L 6000 mm) or Customized
Strip Standard(T 0.05-1.5 mm/W 20-600 mm/L 20000 mm) or Customized
Tube/Pipe Standard(OD 3-360mm/Wall thickness 0.5-50 mm) or Customized
Standard GB/T,JIS,ASTM, ISO, DIN, BS, NF etc.
Hardness 1/16 hard,1/8 hard,3/8 hard,1/4 hard,1/2hard,full hard.
Place of origin Zhejiang Province, China
Package Plastic film + Wooden case or as per customer requirement
Surface Polished,bright,oiled,hair line,brush,mirror,or as required
MOQ Negotiable
Deliver time According to order’s quantity.
Shipment By sea, by air, DHL, UPS, FedEx etc. or as required
Application Electric light industry, machinery manufacturing, Building industry ,defense industry, and other fields Manufacturing industrial

wholesale copper bars More grade number:
Copper alloys: C11000(Cu-ETP), C12500(Cu-FRTP), C10100(Cu-OFE), C10200(Cu-OF), C12000(Cu-DLP), C12200(Cu-DHP)
Brass alloys:C26200(CuZn33), C27000(CuZn35), C27200(CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40)
Brass H65,H68,H63,H62/H59
Lead brass: Hpb63-3,Hpb62-3,Hpb61-1,Hpb60-2,Hpb59-3,Hpb59-1,Hpb58-3.
Lead Brass alloys:C34500(CuZn36Pb3), C37100(CuZn40Pb), CuZn37Pb2, C37710(CuZn39Pb1)
Beryllium Copper alloys: C17200(CuBe2), C17000(CuBe1.7)
Tin Bronze alloys:C51100(CuSn4), C54400(CuSn4Pb4Zn3), C51900(CuSn6)
Aluminum Copper alloys:C61000(CuAl7), C63300(CuAl10Ni5Fe5), C61900(CuAl10Fe3)
Chrome Copper alloys: C18200(CuCr1), C18100(CuCr1Zr)
Nickel Copper alloys: C71000(CuNi20), C71300(CuNi25)

We stock Zinc, Self Colour A2 & A4 Marine Grade Metal Grades including Threaded Bar, Aluminium Bar & Tube, Copper Bar, Coil and Tubes in stainless Steel and a variety of similar metals.



TypeCopper, Brass, Bronze and special copper alloy
Construction(round, square, hexagon, hollow etc.)Rod, Bar, Wire, Pipe, ingot, foil, strip and so on.
Standardcomply with ASTM, GB/T, DIN,JIS etc.
Parts MachiningMaterialCopper, Brass, Bronze and special copper alloy, aluminum and its alloy, stainless steel

ODM and OEM for Auto, Medical, Hydraulic, electronic device and so on, such as screw, nut, flange, bolt, nozzle, gear, bushing, bearing, joint, worm, shaft, clip, clamp, spindle etc.

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