High Quality Brilliance Aluminum Pipe

//High Quality Brilliance Aluminum Pipe

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High Quality Brilliance Aluminum Pipe Features:
Surface Treatment:mill,polished,bright,hair line,brush
Outer Diameter:2-2500mm
Length:1-12m or as required
Usage:elevator,nameplate, bags
Temper:T3 – T8
Al (Min):97%
Wall Thickness:0.5-150mm
Brand Name:DOWEDO
Light weight,1/3 of steel drill pipe.
H2S & CO2 corrosion resistance.
Aluminum pipe has perfect fatigue resistance,its fatigue life exceeds wear life.
Aluminum drill pipe has non-magnetic characteristics,which is useful for magnetic logging,its available to install Brilliance Aluminum Pipe with no steel joint in logging section.
Brilliance Aluminum Pipee has little frictional resistance with the wall of well,which can reduce the drill sticking.
In the condition of same hole curvature,the bending stress of aluminum drill pipe is far less than steel drill pipe,so its suitable for the drill of inclined well,small bending radius directional well and large displacement horizontal well.

professional custom anodized aluminium tube
Deep well,ultra deep well,horizontal well,directional well and acid gas well.

Application Areas:
Mountain areas,desert and offshore exploration platform.
High Requirements for Material:
Super high tensile strength,elasticity,wear-resistance,high temperature resistance and stress corrosion resistance.

Price Condition :FOB
Delivery Port :Ningbo
Packaging & Delivery
Packing :cartons
Delivery Lead Time :15days
Minimum Order :1kg or 1pcs
Supply Ability :5000ton/year
Packaging Details:
woven bags,wooden case,pvc or as requirements.
Aluminum bronze Aluminum content is generally not more than 11.5%, sometimes adding iron, nickel, manganese and other elements of right amount, aluminum bronze strengthened by heat treatment, its strength than tin bronze high, high temperature oxidation resistance is better, higher wear resistance strength, good for the rather high strength screw, nut, copper cover, seal rings etc., and wear resistance of the parts, the most prominent feature is the good wear resistance.

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