H62 Brass Tube All Tempers Available

//H62 Brass Tube All Tempers Available
  • H62 Brass Tube All Tempers Available

H62 Brass Tube All Tempers Available for Electric Appliance, Water and Heater Industry, Customized Size Medical Brass Capillary Straight Tubing,  polishing medical brass copper pipes, hollow capillary admiralty brass tube,Air Condition Or Refrigerator  Application brass tube China Manufacturer

H62 Brass Tube All Tempers Available Features:

Product NameBrass Tube
Out Diameter1mm-100mm
Wall Thickness0.1mm-10mm
Length1m,2m,2.5m or as the customers’ demand
TemperSoft,Half Hard,Hard
PackingSmall Diameter: Bundling,Carton

Big Diameter:In Bundling or Wooden Case

ApplicationElectric appliance,Water and Heater Tube,Condenser,Industry etc
GradeTemperRound Shape



Soft(M),1/2 Soft(M2)


 Out Diameter(mm) Wall Thickness(mm)
H85,H80,H85A 3-2000 




H70,H68,H59,HPb59-1,HSn62-1,HSn70-1,H70A,H68A 3-100
H65,H63,H62,HPb66-0.5,H65A 3-200

Half Hard(Y2)


 18-31 6.5-13

1/3 Half Hard(Y3)


 8-31 3.0-13

1) Up to ASTM B 135 /   BSEN 12449 / DIN 17765 / JIS H3300 standards
2) Material Brand of Common Brass Tube:


3) Tubes temper: H, 1/2 H, 1/4H or soft, all tempers are available.
4) Dimensions: OD: 5-350mm, WT: 0.5-50mm, or according to the buyers requirements, and also length and tolerance subject to the buyer’s decisions
5) Tubes in good straightness, with clean surface of both inside and outside, CuZn20 CZ103 C24000 Round Shape H80 Brass Tubing H85 Brass Tubes for Electric Appliance, Water and Heater Industry
6) With pre-shipment inspection if needed, chemical report, mill test if asked, marked tensile strength, yield strength, elongation rate etc.

Copper Tube Applications: 
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – Copper tube is widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems due to its high thermal conductivity which is about 8 times more than that from Aluminium tube. Domestic Water Service and Distribution – The combination of easy handling, forming and joining permits savings in installation time, material and overall costs. Long-term performance and reliability mean fewer callbacks, and that makes copper the ideal cost-effective tubing material. Half Hard Brass Tube

Drain, Waste and Vent – The design and installation of drainage systems range from simple to complex, depending on the type of building, the local code and the occupancy requirements.

Fire Sprinklers – Copper tube will not burn or support combustion or decompose to toxic gases. Therefore, it will not carry fire through floors, walls and ceilings. Volatile organic compounds are not required for installation.

  • Affordable price
  • Customized design is Available
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  • Quality guaranteed
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