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DLP Copper Tubes and Pipes Wholesale, Standard Straight Round Coil Alloy Copper Tubes, Medical Grade Copper Pipes/tubes, China Manufacturer Price Insulated Refrigeration Pancake AC Copper Tube Coil for Air Conditioners, Corrosion Resistance Competitive Price copper tubes

China Factory DLP Copper Tubes and Pipes Wholesale Specifications:

DLP Copper
  • ASTM B 68 C 12200
  • ASTM B 75 DLP C12000
  • BS 2871 Part 2 C 101
  • BS 2871 Part 3 C 106
  • EN 12451 DHP
  • JIS H3300 C 1220


Chemical Requirements
Copper99.85% min
Phosphorus0.013 to 0.05%
Total Imp. Excl. Mn0.06% max
Physical Properties
ConditionT.S.Kg/mm 2EL% Min
As manufactured23.513%
Fabrication Properties
Capacity for being
Cold workedExcellent
Hot formedExcellent
Suitability for solderingGood
Suitability for BrazingGood
Immunity to hydrogenExcellent
General Engineering Purpose & Electrical Component

DLP Copper Tubes and Pipes:

Using latest technology & optimum quality raw materials, we are manufacturing and exporting our clients a wide assortment of DLP Copper Tubes. Owing to their salient features such as durability, corrosion & rust resistance, high tensile strength and unmatched performance, these Industrial Copper Tubes find applications in varied industries. Our products pass through stringent quality checks before final dispatch to ensure that the clients get a defect free range of copper tubes.
These copper tubes are also well recognized in the markets for their salient features such as :
Superior durability
Superior corrosion & rust resistance
High tensile strength
Delivering unmatched performance

Copper tubing can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures without failing, and does not promote the growth of bacteria or contaminants, all contributing to the safest option when it comes to refrigeration.DWD Copper Tubing is one of the leading dedicated copper manufacturers, producing quality tubes for a variety of applications, including those found in the refrigeration market. When it comes to storing items meant for consumption, one can never be too careful. Even though the contents of fridges and freezers never get exposed to the gasses that keep it cool, it is still imperative to have a material that is safe and reliable. China Factory Wholesale Copper Straight Tubing

At DWD, we produce a range of standard, straight length tubing which is readily available. We are also able to produce specific shapes and sizes if required. Refrigeration Straight Copper Tubing Pipes, Refrigeration Straight Copper Tubing Pipes, Refrigeration Straight Copper Tubing Pipes, Standard Straight and Round Coil Alloy Copper Tubes

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Copper Tube ,Brass Tube ,Straight Copper Tubing,Pancake Coil Copper Tubing,

Capillary Copper Tubing









GB/T17791-2007,GB/T1527-2006, GB/T18033-2007, YS/T450-2002ASTM B280,ASTM B68,ASTM B75,ASTM B88

EN12735,AS1571,JIS H3300




Soft (M), half soft (M2) and half hard (Y2)


Individually Sealed Bylastic Bags or Heat Shrinkable Packaging,Wooden Pallet or CartonBox of 3-20 Coils


Water tube, Air condition or Refrigerator, Water heater

Water and Heater Tube,Condenser,Industry

Electric appliance,etc

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