CZ115 / CW722R Extruded High Tensile Brass (Restricted Al)

//CZ115 / CW722R Extruded High Tensile Brass (Restricted Al)
  • CZ115 CW722R Extruded High Tensile Brass (Restricted Al)

CZ115 / CW722R Extruded High Tensile Brass (Restricted Al), CZ115 (CW722R) Brass Alloy, Extrudtion brass, excellent strength Brass extrusions, CuZn40Mn1Pb1FeSn brass roll coil sheet, Yellow Brass China Factory

CZ115 / CW722R Extruded High Tensile Brass (Restricted Al) consists of of a duplex structure and is a high tensile brass with a restricted aluminium content, enabling it to be soldered and brazed. Similar in composition to the CW721 / CZ114 (aluminium content aside) this grade it was developed to allow high strength brass components to be joined. Sometimes referred to as a manganese bronze the CW722R / CZ115 has additions of iron, tin and manganese that benefit the physical and mechanical attributes of the alloy.

Extruded Brass is a light brass. This color is a polyester top coat powder coat and has a semi-gloss finish. Top Coat Information: Top coat powder coating colors and clear metallics are transparent. The color of the substrate (surface) under a top coat will affect the finished appearance.

The tin and iron additions impart higher strength levels, while the tin also improves the corrosion resistance. The CW722R / CW115 also offers good fabrication properties with a very good machinability rating, ease of hot forging and the ability to lend itself to finish plating.

Related Specifications


Chemical Composition

Aluminium0.1% max
Others0.5% max

Mechanical Properties (Specification minima 18-80mm)

Tensile Strength440N/mm2
0.2% Proof Strength


Elongation √5.65



Key Features

  • Enhanced Strength Levels
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for brazing and soldering
  • Excellent hot forming properties
  • Very Good machinability rating
  • Non-sparking

Typical Physical Properties

Melting Point940°C
Density8.42 g/cm³
Specific Heat380 J/Kg°K
Thermal conductivity (RT)88 W/m°K
Thermal expansion coefficient (20-200°C)20 x 10-6
Electrical conductivity18% IACS
Electrical Resistivity0.082 ohm mm2/m

 Fabrication Properties

Hot Working Temperature Range700-750°C
Hot FormabilityVery Good
Cold FormabilityPoor
Machinability rating

(free cutting brass = 100)

Annealing Temp. Range425-600°C
Stress Relieving Temp. Range225-350°C

Joining Methods

SolderingVery Good
BrazingVery Good
Oxy-acetylene weldingNot Recommended
Gas-shielded arc weldingNot Recommended
Resistance welding:   Spot and SeamNot Recommended

 Typical Uses:

Due to the enhanced mechanical properties and joining properties of CW722R / CZ115 it is utilised in gas valves and fittings, fasteners, pump trim, gears, locks, heavy-duty electrical connectors, transmission components, marine hardware, safety tools and decorative metalwork. CZ114 / CW721R High Tensile Brass Extruded

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