CZ101 CW501L Gilding Brass

//CZ101 CW501L Gilding Brass
  • CZ101 CW501L Gilding Brass

CZ101 CW501L Gilding Brass, CZ101 (CW505L) Brass Alloy, alpha brass, excellent strength alpha phase brasses, Cartridge brass coil sheet, Yellow Brass – C26000 China Supplier

CW501L / CZ101 Gilding Brass is an alpha brass consisting of approximately 90% copper and 10% zinc. Also known as Gilding Metal the CW501L / CZ101 is primarily offered as a sheet grade due to its excellent cold working properties.

The make-up of CW501L / CZ101 means it is not generally susceptible to dezincification or stress corrosion and due to its formability and its attractive rich golden colour it is widely used for architectural and decorative applications. It is also readily enamelled, soldered and brazed.

Related Specifications

CW501LBS2870: CZ101

Chemical Composition

Lead0.05% max
Iron0.10% max
Others           0.40% max

Key Features

  • Excellent cold formability
  • High resistance to stress corrosion and dezincification
  • Excellent base metal for vitreous enamelling

Typical Physical Properties

Melting Point1045°C
Density8.80 g/cm³
Specific Heat376 J/Kg°K
Thermal conductivity (RT)188 W/m°K
Thermal expansion coefficient (20-200°C)18 x 10-6 / °C
Electrical conductivity44 % IACS
Electrical Resistivity0.039 ohm mm2/m

Fabrication Properties

Hot Working Temperature Range750-900°C
Hot FormabilityGood
Cold FormabilityExcellent
Cold Reduction Between Anneals90%
Machinability rating

(free cutting brass = 100)

25 %
Annealing Temp. Range425-600°C
Stress Relieving Temp. Range200-300°C

Joining Methods

Oxy-acetylene weldingGood
Gas-shielded arc weldingGood
Resistance welding:   Spot and SeamNot Recommended

Typical Applications

CW501L / CZ101 is most commonly utilized for architectural applications including decorative metalwork, showcase and window fittings, roofing panels, grillwork, weather-strip, cold-formed angles and channels, ornamental pressing and trim. It is also used for decorative items and jewelry including cosmetic compacts, cases, costume jewelry, emblems, medallions and other items requiring vitreous enamelling or for hardware such as, rivets, screws, wire gauzes and slide / zip fasteners. CW505L CZ106 Cartridge Brass

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