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Aluminum Semi-flexible Pipe Features:
Brand Name :DOWEDO
Model Number :Aluminum Pipe
Place of Origin :Ningbo,China
Product Information and Conditions of SaleHeat resistant to 250 ° C, 100% non-combustibility. mechanical strength High resistance to UV rays chemical resistanceLow maintenance costs Easy and quick installation Powerclamp clamping system High tens.
Aluminum bronze Aluminum content is generally not more than 11.5%, sometimes adding iron, nickel, manganese and other elements of right amount, aluminum bronze strengthened by heat treatment, its strength than tin bronze high, high temperature oxidation resistance is better, higher wear resistance strength, good for the rather high strength screw, nut, copper cover, seal rings etc., and wear resistance of the parts, the most prominent feature is the good wear resistance.
CuAl7, C61000, QAl7: Application: the spring box, the corrosion resistance of the elastic element
CuAl10Fe3,C62300,QAl9-4: Application: wear parts, bearings, shaft sleeve, gear, turbine, nozzle, flange, flat rocker, support etc.
CuAl10Ni5Fe5, C63020,QAl10-4-4: Application: Wear parts?box of high?strength work at 400 ℃,the following parts, such as bearings, bushings,gears, a spherical seat, nuts, flange etc.
Wires: Diameter 0.035mm – 8mm Customer requirements of various specifications
Bars: Diameter 8mm – 300mm Customer requirements size,shape, round,square, hexagonal, profiled
Sheets: Thickness 1.00mm – 200mm width 20mm – 200mm length 200mm -3000mm Requirements
Pipes: Customer requirements of various specifications Wall thickness The length, diameter,
Round,square, hexagonal, profiled .
Strip: Thickness 0.1mm – 1mm width 10mm – 1000mm length Requirements
Aluminum extruded pipe
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