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Aluminum Brass Tube, ASTM B111 C68700 Aluminum Brass Tubing, Brass Tube Round Seamless, Brass round telescoping tubing, Brass Alloy C37800 Lead Brass Tube

Aluminum Brass Tube Product Description:
High quantity straight and bright surface Diameter: from 5mm to 400mm Length: as the demand of customers
Standard: GB/T13808-1992 GB/T1528-1997
Process: Smelting ingot casting extrusion stretching
Mechanical properties: This Alloy C95900 has a good grinding of cutting performance and welding, heat processing to shape are easy.
Chemical Composition: Al:8.7-9.5% Fe:3.5-4.3% Ni:4-4.8 Mn:1.2-2% Rem:Copper

Code Related
Standard Chemical Composition Impurity
Amount Melting temperature temperature
Range ºC
Cu% Ni% Other Zn% SolidusºC LiquidusºC
BCu ≥99.9 / / REM ≤ 1083 1083 1093-1149
BCu62Zn China HL104 61-63 0.3-0.5 Mn: little REM 0.15 850 875 910-935
Si: little
Sn: little
BCu60ZnSi China 8221 59-61 / Si: 0.25 REM 890 900 880-900
BCu59ZnSn 58-60 / Sn: 1.0 REM 800 840 900-930
Si: little

Dowedo Brass & Copper distributes Alloy 330 / 335 brass tubing. Alloy 330 is preferred where machinability is more important and Alloy 272 is used where bending and formability is more important. With a yellow color, brass tube is produced from a combination of copper and zinc and is a free machining brass. 330 brass tubing has a tube diameter ranging from 5/8″ to 2 1/4″. Other sizes are available upon request. All alloy 330 | 335 brass tubing is cut-to-order to your specifications and meets ASTM B135 standards. With a high resistance to corrosion, 330 low leaded brass is most commonly used for industrial, ordnance, and plumbing projects.

Alloy used in the manufacture of the main frame, gears, bushings, bush, take over the mouth and flange, rocker arm, guided valve, pump rod, cam, a fixed nut of high structural strength and wear-resistant parts.

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