Air Conditioning Split Insulation Copper Tube

//Air Conditioning Split Insulation Copper Tube
  • Air Conditioning Split Insulation Copper Tube

Air Conditioning Split Insulation Copper Tube, Air Conditioning Copper Pipe & Insulation, Insulated Copper Tube/pipe, copper insulation pipe, split air conditioner copper insulation tube

Air Conditioning Split Insulation Copper Tube – Twin/pair insulated copper tube/pipe
2.Coppertube:thickness from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.
3.Length: 3 meters to 30 meters
4.Standard complied :JISH3300,ASTMB743.
5.Thickness of copper tube compatible any gases R22,R407,R410,404A,R507C ctc
6.PE insulation pipe:I.D.fromФ8 to Ф22.
7.PE insulation pipe:thickness from 8mm to 10mm.
8.Character Anti-UV,good heat resistance ,low water absorption.
9.Insulation pipe can printed with letter

Inside Cleaned Copper Tubes for refrigeration gas and capped at the both ends, with interior surface maximum permissible residue 0.038g/m2;
Phosphorus Deoxidized Soft Temper Copper Tube DHP(C12200, 99.9%Cu);
Dimension and Mechanical Properties acc. to ASTM B280, EN12735-1, AS1571, JIS H3300;

Insulation Properties LWC Copper Tube Coil
1) Polyethylene & PE type
Extruded and Closed cell white polyethylene with a white outside PE-protection layer;
Average Density: 33Kg/m3;
Heating Conduction at 00≤0.033W/MK;C
Working Temperature from -400C until +1200C;
Vapor Resistance: μ>5000;
White external non toxic and resistance to external chemical agents and ultra-violate rays;
RoHS Certificate Approved;

2) Rubber Type
Extruded and Closed cell synthetic rubber with external protection;
Density:70-90 Kg/m3;
Thermal Conductivity: -200C 00C 400C
(W/(M.K)) 0.031 0.034 0.038
Working Temperature from -5000C (Flat Surface +850C);C until +110
Reaction to fire: self-extinguishing GB8624B1(OXYGEN INDEX >34%),
Vapor Resistance: μ>4500;

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