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  • Air Conditioning Copper Pipe

Air Conditioning Copper Pipe with Heat Insulation Pipe Cover, Mini Split AC soft 100% copper Line Set with insulation, Rigid Copper Pipe for Air Conditioner Refrigerant Cooling / Heating

Split Air Conditioning Copper Pipe, Plastic Coated Flexible Copper Pipe, AIR CONDITIONER TUBE 1/4″ 3/8″ INSULATED COPPER PIPE TWIN PAIR

Type:Air Conditioner Parts, Air Conditioning Fitting
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Spec.:Pair coil 3/8″+3/4″
Material of tube:99.9% copper
Meterial of insulation:Embossing polyethylene
Outer Diameter:9.52mm+19.05mm
Length:3/4/5m, or as customer’s wish
Wall thickness:0.7mm+1.2mm
Elongation (≥ %):40
Ultimate Strength(≥ MPa):205
OEM service:Yes

The length and wall thickness of pipe, copper nut and insulation can be customized.
Advance cutting machine promote precision.
Powerful hydraulic expanding machine makes surface of inner or outer wall smooth.
Short delivery time, 3-7 working days.
Small order is also welcomed.
Product Description
Mechanical Properties of air conditioner copper pipe
Pure copper matrial with good stretching resistance, content of C1220 copper reaches 99.9%.
Inside Interor surface maximum permissible residue 0.038g/m ² .
Tensile strength(Mpa)>205, elongation(%)>40.
No defects on the surface of air conditioner copper pipe during production, avoiding hidden trouble.
Dimension and mechanical properties complied with ASTM B280, EN12735-1, AS1571, JIS H3300.

Insulation Properties of Air Conditioning Split Insulation Copper Tube
High temperature resist(120℃), flame resist standards: USA UL-HF-1, France M1, Australia BL-s1-d0, China B1
Anti-aging and ultraviolet. After 200-hours-irradiation of Xenon arc Lamp, there is no wrinkle, pinhole, pulverization or cracking situation occurs for our products. Therefore the anti-aging ability of insulation tube could be assumed approximately 8-10 years.
Ability of preventing condensation of water vapor, working temperature is from -70 ℃ to 120 ℃ as environment condition. Moisture permeability coefficient is ≤1.3×10-10.
Europe Rohs standard, Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Polybrominated Biphenyls and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether tests are all qualified.

Testings on air conditioner copper pipe
Items Test method Result
Airtightness property 4.0MP A, 5 min No leak
Presure resistance 12MP A, 1 min No crackle
Bendability Diameter 180 deg No pleat and crackle

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  • Customized design is Available
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  • Quality guaranteed
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