180 Degree Copper End Feed Plumbing Pipe Fitting

//180 Degree Copper End Feed Plumbing Pipe Fitting

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180 Degree Copper End Feed Plumbing Pipe Fitting Feature:

Applied:Air conditioning refrigeration, plumbing hardware, hot and cold water supply, air can water heater, engineering machinery, refrigeration equipment, etc
Size(Inner Diameterx Wall Thicknessx Center Distance):22x1x68mm

DOWEDO Metals maintains an extensive inventory of C12200 (DHP) copper tube and copper solder joint fittings. C122 is commercially pure copper, which has been deoxidized with phosphorus, leaving relatively high residual phosphorus content. Copper alloy 122 is not susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement, but has relatively low electrical conductivity due to the amount of phosphorous content.
180 Degree Copper End Feed Plumbing Pipe Fitting
Hydraulic lines
Oil lines
Heat Exchanger tubes
Water lines
Steam lines
Distiller & Dairy tubes
Medical Gas-oxygen lines
In addition to C12200 Copper tube, we stock ANSI B16.22 wrought copper solder joint fittings. Sizes 1/8” nom. thru 6” nom. for Type “K”, “L” & “M” copper tubes.
Contact one of our professional sales staff today, to learn how we can help solve your copper tube and fitting requirements.

u copper elbow copper pipe fittings
Copper, brass, and bronze are known as red metals because they contain copper, which has a reddish color. Copper, a term that applies to alloys containing at least 99.3% copper, offers very high thermal and electrical conductivity and provides corrosion resistance, formability, and machinability. Brass is an alloy of copper and varying levels of zinc, sometimes with additional elements. It provides greater strength and better machinability than copper or bronze. Bronze is commonly an alloy of copper and tin, but sometimes it is copper alloyed with other elements such as aluminum, phosphorus, manganese, or silicon. Tin gives bronze more corrosion resistance than brass and greater strength than copper. Copper and its alloys have temper designations, meaning the material has undergone a process to achieve certain properties of strength and hardness.

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