Why copper pipe holds astonishing bactericidal function ?

Biological research shows that copper has an obvious antibacterial and bactericidal function for the reason that cupric ions of copper tube dissolved in water and more than 99% of the water bacteria in copper pipe will disappear after 5 hours.

Copper is the most representative metal with bactericidal effect, which our people have noticed and took advantage of it. It is well known that water impurity is an important reason of epidemic. Many bacteria like escherichia coli, pneumonia germs are very easy to breed in the water, and people who drink contaminated water will suffer from diseases. In ancient China, there is a saying that “water in the copper pot is not smelly”.

Besides brass, as one kind of copper, has the same bactericidal function. According to latest research, stainless steel door handles can harbor thousands of germs while brass door handles harbor much less germs. Repeated experiments showed that the bacteria on brass tube were wiped out in seven hours or less.

WINDO Metals Co., Ltd is manufacturing copper, brass and copper-nickel pipes and coils, which are extensively used in areas of condenser, bathroom accessory and handrails.

Why copper pipe holds astonishing bactericidal function

Why copper pipe holds astonishing bactericidal function

Technical Data

ASTM by Description
• B 16 • Free-Cutting Brass Rod, Bar and Shapes
• B 36 • Sheet/Plate
• B 43 • Seamless Red Brass Pipe
• B 68 • Seamless Copper Tube, Bright Annealed
• B 75 • Seamless Copper Tube
• B 88 • Seamless Copper Water Tube
• B 111 • Copper and Copper-Alloy Seamless Condenser Tubes
• B 135 • Seamless Brass Tube
• B 251 • Wrought Seamless Copper/Copper-Alloy Tube
• B 455 • Copper-Zinc-Lead Alloy Extruded Shapes


CDA by Description
• CDA-101 • Copper — Oxygen Free Electronic
• CDA-102 • Copper — Oxygen Free
• CDA-103 • Copper — Oxygen Free
• CDA-110 • Copper — Electrolytic Tough Pitch
• CDA-122 • Copper — Phosphorus Deoxidized, High Residual Phosphorus
• CDA-220 • Copper Alloy — Commerical Bronze, 90%
• CDA-230 • Copper Alloy — Red Brass, 85%
• CDA-260 • Copper Alloy — Cartridge Brass, 70%
• CDA-268 • Copper Alloy — Yellow Brass, 66%
• CDA-272/274 • Copper Alloy — Yellow Brass, 63%
• CDA-280 • Copper Alloy — Muntz Metal, 60%
• CDA-314 • Copper Alloy — Leaded Commerical Bronze
• CDA-316 • Copper Alloy — Leaded Commerical Bronze, Nickel Bearing
• CDA-330 • Copper Alloy — Low Leaded Brass Tube
• CDA-332 • Copper Alloy — High Leaded Brass Tube
• CDA-335 • Copper Alloy — Low Leaded Brass
• CDA-353 • Copper Alloy — High Leaded Brass, 62%
• CDA-360 • Copper Alloy — Free Cutting Brass
• CDA-365 • Copper Alloy — Leaded Muntz Metal
• CDA-385 • Copper Alloy — Architectural Bronze
• CDA-443 • Copper Alloy — Admiralty
• CDA-464 • Copper Alloy — Naval Brass
• CDA-655 • Copper Alloy — Silicon Bronze
• CDA-706 • Copper Alloy — 10% Copper Nickel
• CDA-715 • Copper Alloy — 30% Copper Nickel
• CDA-740 • Copper Alloy — 10% Nickel
• CDA-752 • Copper Alloy — 18% Nickel

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