Market Development of Copper Decoration

Copper decoration is popular among current home improvement enthusiasts because of its beautiful color, corrosion resistance and durability. In order to expand and seize this opportunity, many home decoration designers are also very concerned about copper decoration.

At the same time, it has attracted a lot of attention from designers, but it has created a big problem for these designers. The price of copper material is high and the market expansion range is small. For example, the average copper plate is about 600 yuan per square meter, and the price is much higher than steel and aluminum. The high cost, the difficulty of copper technology, and the small market scope have forced the development of copper decoration. Nowadays, to solve these problems, the copper industry has analyzed four points to enhance the market share of copper decoration.

Market Development of Copper Decoration

Market Development of Copper Decoration

1. Open up upstream and downstream enterprises, increase the importance of sheet metal enterprises to the market of copper decoration enterprises;

2. Carry out industrial production of copper decoration and reduce manufacturing costs. At this stage, China’s copper decorative profile products are still in the basic stage, and cannot guarantee high-quality production;

3. Increase the exposure of copper decoration to increase the attractiveness of more designers;

4. Expand the market for copper decoration, increase consumers’ understanding of copper decoration opportunities, provide satisfactory experience for customers in major plate markets, and increase the group and awareness of potential customers.

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