HVAC Industry Cathode Copper Capillary Pipe

Type:Capillary Tube
Application:Air Condition Or Refrigerator, Air Conditioner Refrigeration Equipment
Length:≥3000mm, 500-6000mm
Cu (Min):99.90%
Alloy Or Not:Non-alloy
Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa):205
Elongation (≥ %):40%, 40%
Wall Thickness:0.2mm~1.0mm
Outside Diameter:1.0-4.0mm
Model Number:C12200
Place of Origin: China
Processing Service:WELDING, Cutting, Cutting
Item Name:copper capillary pipe refrigerator capillary tube
Keyword:pancake copper capillary tube
Material:High purity copper material
Advantage:Excellent ductility, smooth incision
Package:Standard export packing, as customer demands
Usages:refrigerator copper pipe
OEM service:Accept OEM

HVAC Industry Cathode Copper Capillary Pipe

HVAC Industry Cathode Copper Capillary Pipe

Wide Range Of Applications
Capillary Tube is made by high purity electrolytic copper, suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and thermostats and other refrigeration industry, instrumentation industry, the cable industry.

Characteristics of copper pancake coil
The products adopt rolling, extrusion process preparation. It can be divided into single layer, double layer or multi-layer spiral coil, compact structure. According to the materials state, pancake coil tube can divided into hard copper, semi-hard copper and a soft copper. This product was widely popular because ofhigh quality and low price. It is mainly used in air conditioning connecting line, air-conditioning repair parts, water pipe line etc.HVAC Industry Copper Pipe

Good quality, no deformation
The pipe is not deformed and leaks, the capillary surface is smooth, clean, no cracks, pinholes, peeling, delamination, air bubbles, inclusions and green rust. HVAC Industry Copper Pipe

Variety Grade Status Specification Executive Standard
Outer diameter(mm) Wall thickness(mm) Length(m)
Extruded copper tube T2,T3 TP1,TP2
Tu0,Tu1,Tu2 Hot extrusion(R) φ50-φ160 3-50 ≤10 GB
Drawn copper tube T2,T3

Soft(M) φ10-φ125 0.7-35 ≤10
Square tube
Rectangular tube T2,T3
TU0,TU1,TU2 Hard(Y)
Soft(M) 15*15-80*80 1-10 ≤10
Copper water pipe
Copper trachea TP2,Tu2 Hard(Y)
Soft(M) φ10-φ108 0.8-8 ≤10
For air conditioning and refrigeration equipment Seamless copper tube T2,TU1,TU2
TP1,Tp2 Hard(Y)
Soft(M) φ10-φ60 0.8-2 ≤10
R410A copper tube T2,TU1,TU2
TP1,Tp2 Hard(Y)
Semi-hard(Y2) φ12.7-φ60 0.6-2 ≤10

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