Copper pipe system laying
According to the design drawings, draw the construction sketches such as pipe branch, pipe diameter, variable diameter, reserved hole, valve and other attachment positions, mark the actual installation position, measure the actual size of the copper pipe according to the segment, and prefabricate according to this. machining. The prefabricated copper pipes are transported to the installation position according to the number, and then the copper pipes are installed in order. The copper pipes are installed in the order of the first pipe and the second pipe, and the copper pipes should be kept at a certain distance, leaving room for operation. . When the surface mounted copper tubes are installed in rows, the straight portions should be parallel to each other. Curve part: When the copper pipe is installed horizontally or vertically, it should be kept equidistant from the straight part; when the copper pipe is horizontally up and down, the radius of curvature of the elbow part should be consistent. When copper pipes pass through expansion joints, anti-seismic joints and settlement joints, protective measures shall be taken according to the situation:

Flushing of copper pipe system
Flushing of the copper pipe system is carried out after the copper pipe is tested. The copper pipe flushing inlet and outlet should be selected at appropriate positions to ensure that the debris in the copper pipe system is flushed. The cross-sectional area of ​​the drain pipe is not less than 60% of the section of the copper pipe to be washed, and the drain pipe is connected to the drain. The water supply copper pipe is flushed with the maximum flow rate of the system and a flow rate of not less than 1.5 m until the water color and transparency at the outlet are consistent with the visual inspection at the inlet. Disinfection is carried out using water containing 20~30mg/L of free chlorine per liter of water. The chlorine-containing water is retained in the copper tube for more than 24 hours, and then rinsed again after disinfection.

Seamless Pancake Coil Copper Tube

Seamless Pancake Coil Copper Tube

Air Conditioner Copper Pipe,Pankcake Coil Copper Pipe,Straight Copper Pipe,32mm Copper Pipe Tube Details of Seamless Pancake Coil Copper Tube WT:0.25-4mm Weight:3.6-8.13 kg/coil Standard: ASTM/JIS Size: OD: 3.5mm-100mm TK: 0.35mm-7mm Length: According to the clients’ requirement Standard: ASTM B280, ASTM B88, ASTM B68, ASTM B75, ASTM B836 standard, EN 12735, EN 1057 Temper: O60 or O50 […]


Refrigeration Copper Tube

Small Diameter Refrigeration Copper Tube

Refrigeration Copper Tube,Round Shape End Cap Copper Tube,Flexible Copper Pipes,Gas Copper Pipes for Construction,13mm Air Conditioner Copper Pipe,Pankcake Coil Copper Pipe,Straight Copper Pipe Small diameter refrigeration copper tube Material:C11000 C10200 C12000 C12200,T2,etc. Finish:Excellent Type:Straight Application:air conditioner and refrigerator. OD:2-610mm WT: 0.5-80mm Length:1-12m MOQ:100KGS Terms of price:FOB,CNF,CIF,EXW Package: copper tube In wooden box Our goods with […]