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Scrap Brass Prices

Scrap Brass Prices Since 1977 Rockaway Recycling has been offering Scrap Brass Prices and making sure that our customers get the best service for their scrap metal. Rockaway Recycling has Scrap Brass Prices on dozens of different items from Brass Keys to Water Meters. You can always go to our Scrap Metal Pricing Page that [...]

Brass Processing

Brass processing refers to the process of adding or reducing the content of certain elements, or changing the shape and state of brass to produce products that meet people's requirements. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. If brass is composed of copper and zinc, it is called ordinary brass. Brass is often used [...]

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Brass Ingots

Brass Ingots - We offer finest quality brass ingots that are widely used for superb strength and corrosion resistance. Our diverse range of brass ingot available in standards specifications comprise leaded brass ingots, lead free high grade brass ingots and tin brass ingots. Available in various shapes as per the clients requirement these are widely [...]

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