Brass Billets

//Brass Billets

Brass Casting Process

Brass casting process is actually an early metal hot working process. Definition of brass casting process: it refers to the processing method of melting solid brass into liquid brass, pouring it into a specific shape mold and waiting for it to solidify. The minimum temperature required for brass casting process: Generally speaking, it is 960 [...]

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  • Characteristics of Brass Strip

Characteristics of Brass Strip Production Method

Characteristics of brass strip production method: 1. Cold rolling of brass strip (1) Plastic deformation. (2) The pressure in the roll gap area is high, and there is a pressure distribution, * *, up to 2700mpa. (3) At the same time, there is friction along the rolling direction and the opposite rolling direction. (4) The [...]

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  • Brass Self Tapping Inserts

Brass Self Tapping Inserts

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  • Brass Billets

Brass Billets

We are manufacturer of brass billets in China with wide range of length and alloys. Brass Billets are mainly used in manufacturing of bearings, valves, sleeves, etc. Specifications Size: 5" (125mm), 6" (150mm) Diameter Length: 10" to 19" Brass Billets Range of Alloys Free Cutting Brass Forging Brass Lead Free Brass Features of [...]

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