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  • Base-Metal Sheet

Base-Metal Sheet

Base-Metal Sheet, BRASS METAL SHEET, COPPER SHEET Make custom metal jewelry with brass, copper, aluminum and nickel silver sheet. These base metals make beautiful (and colorful) artisan jewelry without the high cost of precious gold or silver! Choose from 20-gauge (thicker) and 24-gauge (thinner) metal sheet for piercing and sawing into custom shapes, dapping (doming), [...]

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  • What-Is-Diamon-Plate

What is Diamond Plate?

What is Diamond Plate? Diamond plate is a metal plate product that has a raised diamond-like pattern on the surface. This pattern creates increased traction for a person or object on top of the diamond plate. A variety of metals can be used to make diamond plate, adding to its versatility. Diamond plate can also [...]

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Aluminum is a silver-colored, low density metal. It finds use in a huge variety of commercial applications. The Unalloyed type is ductile, exhibits moderate strength, and is very resistant to corrosion under most circumstances. Aluminum can be dramatically strengthened by the addition of appropriate alloying elements (Cu, Mg, Mn, Si, etc.) and subsequent heat/work treatments. [...]

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