• China Wholesale Copper Straight Tubes

China Wholesale Copper Straight Tubes

China Wholesale Copper Straight Tubes We provide a range of specifications for copper fittings, including straight pipe fittings, pipe elbows, pipe tees, P-shaped elbows, U-shaped elbows, pipe caps and copper rings. The structure and dimension of each fitting is customizable, ensuring customers are getting the right fitting for their needs. Large Production Scale: as one [...]

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  • Copper and Brass Sales

Copper and Brass Sales

Copper and Brass Sales, a division of DWD BRASS Materials OF China, is the source in your supply base that provides you with the inventory management expertise and value-added processing services necessary to help you compete in today's global market. With our comprehensive line of nonferrous metals and alloys, wide variety of precision processing capabilities, [...]

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3/16" .187 Pin Stock Round Rod COPPER, BRASS, SS, BRONZE, NICKEL SILVER- 1pc Solid Round Rod Pin Stock Great for knife handle pins or other craft or hobby use. Round Rod COPPER, BRASS, SS, BRONZE, NICKEL SILVER Material: Nickel Silver, Brass, Copper, Bronze or Stainless Steel Listing prices are for 1x 6 inch [...]

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  • Base-Metal Sheet

Base-Metal Sheet

Base-Metal Sheet, BRASS METAL SHEET, COPPER SHEET Make custom metal jewelry with brass, copper, aluminum and nickel silver sheet. These base metals make beautiful (and colorful) artisan jewelry without the high cost of precious gold or silver! Choose from 20-gauge (thicker) and 24-gauge (thinner) metal sheet for piercing and sawing into custom shapes, dapping (doming), [...]

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  • What-Is-Diamon-Plate

What is Diamond Plate?

What is Diamond Plate? Diamond plate is a metal plate product that has a raised diamond-like pattern on the surface. This pattern creates increased traction for a person or object on top of the diamond plate. A variety of metals can be used to make diamond plate, adding to its versatility. Diamond plate can also [...]

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  • What-Is-An-Alloy-500x300

What Is An Alloy?

What Is An Alloy? An alloy is a combination of a metal with at least one other metal or nonmetal. The combination must be part of a solid solution, a compound, or a mixture with another metal or nonmetal in order for it to be considered an alloy. The most common way to combine metals [...]

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Aluminum is a silver-colored, low density metal. It finds use in a huge variety of commercial applications. The Unalloyed type is ductile, exhibits moderate strength, and is very resistant to corrosion under most circumstances. Aluminum can be dramatically strengthened by the addition of appropriate alloying elements (Cu, Mg, Mn, Si, etc.) and subsequent heat/work treatments. [...]

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  • Aluminium Ingots

Aluminium Ingots

Aluminium Ingots - We supply premium quality aluminium ingots that are free from any sort of impurities and widely used for resistance to varied temperature and enhanced durability. Highly acclaimed for its qualitative features, these are widely used across petroleum, oil, chemical and marine industries. Aluminium Ingots Range of Aluminium Ingots offered by [...]

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  • Copper Casting

Copper Casting

DOWEDO Brass Copper fabricating our range of Copper Casting which is used for different purposes in various industries. Our experts and designers assist us in developing high grade quality copper castings which are available at optimum cost. Also, we are providing customized solutions to our clients in accordance to the specification of the clients. Features: [...]

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Aluminum Brass Copper Cut To Length

Aluminum Brass Copper Cut To Length- Are you looking for a special size? Are you looking for pieces cut to length? DOWEDO specializes in meeting your exact requirements. Our staff will gladly answer any technical questions that may help solve your tubing problems. Aluminum Brass Copper Cut To Length We offer: Special diameters, [...]

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