Brass Square Round Tubes Pipes

Specification customize Exporting Customizable Brass Tubes / Brass Pipes
Technolgy mould/precision polishing/cutting bevel/punching
Raw meterial Brass
Use Electronic accessories

Application of Brass/Copper Pipe Coils
(1) Seawater desalination device
(2) Oil Cooler/Condenser
(3)FuelBurning and Nuclear Power Plant use in condenser and Shipping used in Condenser and Heated supply water distilling apparatus and heat exchange
(4) Water pipe,Supply Heat and Condenser pipe
(5) Copper pipe is the first choice of residential housing water pipes, heating, cooling pipes installed.
(6)Copper products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, ships, military industry, metallurgy, electronics, electrical, mechanical, transportation, construction and other fields of the national economy

1.The seamless copper tube with standard ASTM B280 is specially used for air condition purpose,like: air conditioner or refrigerator or Freezer;
2. Chemical Composition for air-condition seamless copper tube: 99.9% Cu minimum;
3.Temper for air-condtion seamless copper tube: hard, half hard and soft
4.Supply Form for air-condition seamless copper tube: straight type, pancake coil tube, LWC, bunch coil;
5.Our Advantage: Factory direct supply, 100% quality assurance without leaking, Competitve Price, Fast Delivery, Free Usage Guidance from our professional engineers over 10years experience, Professional Service with Over 10 years’ export;

Brass Square Round Tubes

Brass Square Round Tubes

 Specification of Brass/Copper Pipe
W.T. O.D.(mm 0.3 0.36 0.41 0.5 0.61 0.71 0.81 1.02 1.22 1.5 2.00

Chemical component

 (Ni) (P) (Bi) (Pb) (Fe) (S) (As) (Sb)
≤0.01 0.013~0.050 ≤0.002 ≤0.005 ≤0.05 ≤0.005 ≤0.005 ≤0.002
(Sn) (O) (Cu+Ag)
≤0.01 ≤0.01 ≥99.85

We manufacture a range of seamless copper tube for use in refrigeration systems, they are fitted with plastic caps after cleaning to maintain the clean interior surface copper pipe straight coupling
(1) Brass Square Round Tubes Copper Tube For Air-Conditioning And Refrigeration Field Service ASTM B280
(2) Brass Square Round Tubes Copper Tube For General Engineering Application ASTM B75
(3) Brass Square Round Tubes Copper Tube For Regrigeration, Oil Lines, Gas Lines ASTM B68
(4) Brass Square Round Tubes Copper Tube for cool and hot water, drinking water ASTM B88

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