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Our Advantages

As a Brass tube supplier in China, Windo Metal can provide you with various shapes and sizes of brass tubing that you can use for your business. Others offer to customize brass tubes, such as engraving brass with logos, to meet your business’s needs. We offer you a wide variety of brass tubing, such as square brass tubing.

Our inventory includes:

  • brass round tube in various sizes
  • brass square tube
  • rich low square tube
  • architectural bronze square tube
  • rich low rectangular tube
  • brass rectangular tube
  • architectural bronze rectangular tube
  • brass reeded tube
  • brass roped tube
  • brass hexagonal tube

Copper, Brass, & Aluminium

Brass Tubing is cut, bent, shaped and twisted for specific applications. Windo Metal Inc. provides a full range of brass & copper products for almost any application. Our tube, pipe, bar, rod, strip, coil, foil, plate, sheet and other profiles are produced in a wide variety of alloys, including clad composites. They can be produced in standard dimensions or custom made to your requirements. Our brass products are manufactured in compliance with the main international specifications, and tighter tolerances are available upon request.

We offer various platings and coatings, edge conditioning, special surface conditions, profiled strip, and multiple packaging options to meet our customers’ requirements. The following is a summary of our production capabilities. Our aluminum & stainless steel strip can be produced in standard dimensions or custom made to your requirements. We produce both imperial and metric units.

WINDO Inc. – The Trusted Copper & Brass Supplier

Each and every product in our catalog has been carefully caste, milled, and inspected to ensure that our clients get only the best materials. We are proud to have 15 years of trusted service behind all of our copper and brass sales. Here are just some of the products that we have to offer:


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Customer Testimonial - Don’t just take it from us…

In our state, we have four distributors. We have found since the change to using your brass and copper products, they have lasted the other competitors hands down. Customer satisfaction 100%.

Cuong Chi Truong

Cuong Chi Truong


I am a dealer in London. In using Dowedo brass tubing we have saved ourselves a lot of downtime and money! Service above and beyond what I ever imagined – you are an example to the industry. Thank You so much!

Murat Agcabay

Murat Agcabay